IMG_0673 - Version 2 – Version 3Who I am is the possibility of inspiration, self-expression and creativity. I am a muse. Not just for myself, but for others. I love being inspired and inspiring. I love expressing my creativity which take many forms. I am blessed to have a lot of talents. Some I excel at, some not so much, but I continue to grow and expand with feverous curiosity of life. I have lived many lifetimes in this one life and have gained many skills. So much to experience! So much to create! In observation of my skills and talents and the many curiosities I am attracted to, I find a theme; a pattern. This pattern is the constant expression of beauty and the creativity and expression that forms the manifestation of it.

I create beauty. Now I am creating it for you, whether through designing a sustainable permaculture landscape, an organized and harmonized home, facilitating beautiful healthy skin and body, or creating gorgeous adorations for your body. Surround yourself and your environment with holistic, sustainable beauty.

It is my honor and privilege to create beauty for you – to empower you – to create evolutionary, sustainable success and prosperity in harmony with the Earth.