My Father, the Mad Scientist/Futurist…

I’ve always referred to my father, Ron Pecoff as a mad scientist. He reminds me of Dr. Brown in the movie, Back to the Future. He has hair growing out of his ears and mad scientist crazy eyebrows. He works 7 days a week waking up at 3am and falling asleep at 7pm. At 73 years old he still runs around like a chicken without a head. He’s a double Aquarius which means he is a humanitarian and futurist to the max. He has always been 20 years ahead of his time; doing aquaculture in the 80’s when no one knew what aquaculture was and just thought it and he was weird. My dad is an inspiration to me. What he has accomplished is mind boggling. The inventions he’s created, the understanding he has of sustainable systems and information he can comprehend and retain and reformulate- well, it just blows me away.  Now that he’s getting older I feel the urgency to record and archive his wisdom for future generations. If the economy does collapse, society will have have rebuild with new systems, not just monetary but ecologically. The soil needs to be healed and new sustainable systems will need to be implemented. My dads wisdom and information will be utilized and preserved to rebuild and that’s what I am to achieve. Check out the video interview of my father explaining his closed integrated system. It’s inspiring to say the least. The property that the system in the video is located on is for sale. It includes 3 houses, greenhouses, full R&D facility on 10 acres in Encinitas, California (North San Diego). From the sale he will be relocating to the Big Island to and implement all the R&D he has discovered. Please contact us if interested in purchasing or participating in a joint venture.


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