Finished my Permaculture course

It’s been three months since my last blog entry. The main reason is that I’ve been crazy busy studying. Thanks to all my friends donations, I was able to raise the money to enroll in Geoff Lawtons Online Permaculture course. It was an amazing three months of discover into the world of permaculture. Geoff is the man! It’s been an amazing ride and I have learned so much. Eventually, I would like to design, teach and work with NGO’s around the world to empower women and village people to  grow their own food and become sustainable. In the meantime I plan on implementing all I’ve learned so I’m going to be a busy woman the next few years. 

This summer I will be taking off to California where I will be interning/learning all I can from my dad. I’ll be learning all I can about aquaponics, aquaculture, vermiculture and all things sustainable. I also hope to take some classes in natural building techniques if they are offered in San Diego at the time. All that, as well as a planned 21 day liver gallbladder cleanse will keep me quite busy and then meeting up with my son in July for summer break fun! It’s going to be an awesome summer.

Now all I have to do for my class is finish my permaculture design project. It’s a biggy! I’m designing for a 20 acre property that’s been tromped on by cattle for years. It’s overwhelming to say the least, but it’s challenging me to grow and I can do this.  Check back in June as I’ll be posting my project on my blog. 


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