Arts & Esthetics

I love beauty. I dream of making the world a beautiful place, whether it be through designing beautiful, sustainable landscapes, creating beautiful skin, making jewelry or henna design. In 2014, Muse Arts & Esthetics was born. As a licensed Esthetician I am able to help facilitate others in achieving beautiful skin through holistic and medical skin care. I prefer to use the holistic path, yet there are times when a stronger approach is needed backed up with gentle healing remedies.

Henna is an art I practice for the pure joy of it. Henna is a plant, ground up and used as a pigment dye which is then artistically applied to the skin, much like a tattoo but without needles. The henna tattoo is temporary, lasting anywhere from 1-2 weeks. Henna is popular in India and the Orient/Arabic nations.

Jewelry design is another way for me to express my creativity. Leather working, beading, macrame, you name it! Love playing with it! Check out my new Muse Arts & Esthetics Etsy shop for all my jewelry designs.